Name: Plein Air Festival (June 16-21)
Location: 19 Washington Street Gallery
Time: 06/16/2020 9:00 AM
Duration: 7 hours

Outdoor painting festival with new wet works hung for sale each day at the AAN Gallery. Paint Out at Brant Point beach, June 17, starts at 10 a.m. with public welcome. Rain date 6/18. Frank Swift Chase Awards at the June 21 closing reception, 6 p.m., AAN Gallery.  

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Adult 59 and Under$30.00
Adult 35 and Under$30.00
Child 2-5$30.00
Child 6-9$30.00
Child 9-12$30.00
Child 10-14$30.00
Senior (60 and Over)$30.00
Child 15-18$30.00
Adult over 18$30.00
Kids Under 18$30.00
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