Name: Adult-Luminous Pastels with Dina Gardner
Date(s): 9/1, 9/2, 9/3
Time: 10:00a - 1:00p
Ages Allowed: 18 - 99
Seats Remaining: 6

Tuition: $375

Learn to create luminosity in pastel painting. In a step-by-step method, Dina shares her process to achieving brilliance in value and color by beginning her images with an effective underpainting technique. Each day starts with a demo, and is followed by a guided demo of a class provided photo reference. Informational handouts and individual instruction also will be given to each student to develop landscapes from their own photographic images.


UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper; Pad with 10 sheets in 9x12 size, 400 grit.  (Dick Blick, $24.95)  One pad per student

Gloves (latex or otherwise)  If students wear gloves then sharing pastels shouldn’t be a problem (Amazon or any pharamacy)

Nupastel Set of 48 sticks.  Sticks can be broken in 3 pieces and so each student has a piece of each color. If the class is large, we may need two boxes or we can add an additional  box of 36 sticks (Dick Blick, $56 for 48 sticks and $41 for 36 sticks)

Terry Ludwig Floral Landscapes by Karen Margulis; 60 sticks which can be split in 2 pieces (Terry $340)  If the class is large, we should buy one more box of this 

Set of 30 Warm Greens ($180)

Set of 30 Neutral Greens ($180)

Rubbing Alcohol (70 or 91%....two large bottles will be fine)

Paint brushes (which I assume you have plenty of so no need to buy)

Painter’s Tape (ditto…assume you have some and masking tape can work in a pinch)

Blair Non Odor Matte Fixative Spray, 1 can (Dick Blick $11)

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

PROCESSING FEE: A nonrefundable $100 processing fee is included in each tuition.

ENROLLMENT CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel your enrollment, please notify the AAN Education Department 14 days prior to the class start date to receive your partial refund. We appreciate the opportunity to promote our programming and fill your place. 

ABSENCE: Although we are not able to prorate programming or offer make up days, prior knowledge of your absence is extremely helpful to our instructors. 

FULL REFUNDS: The AAN will issue full refunds when programming is cancelled due to low enrollments or state mandated business closure. 

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