Name: ADULT ONLINE Reframing the Ordinary w/Stuart Shils
Date(s): 2/2
Time: 10:00a - 12:00p
Ages Allowed: 18 - 99
Seats Remaining: 6

Tuition: $600

Day 1. Preliminary evening talk, Monday 6-8pm - Open to Public

Day  2. Tuesday Group Seminar 10am - 1:30pm

Days 3. and 4. Weds & Thursday 10am - 12:30

Day 5. Follow Up One on One Zoom Call on a day and time to be determined.

Experience the expansive saturation of the visual moment by reinvigorating your drawing practice as the essential thought engine behind your artistic thought. Stuart guides students through ways of deepening a comprehensive visual awareness by focusing on observation as the way we locate ourselves within the visual conversation. Through examination of what you see in front of you, by consideration of contemporary and past artwork, group discussion, and one-on-one feedback these three days will be very full.

An opening 90 minute slide talk (“What Happens When I Notice Jack Nicholson' - Free to the public) on the night before the first day presents the point of departure and illuminates a way of looking out onto the world with fresh eyes. Day 1 (3 1/2 hours) and will address an re examination of line following group introductions. Line and how we use line will explore ways of asking questions about not only what we see, but how we see it. will merge with collage by the end of our day. Day 2 (2 1/2 hours) will dive deeper into collage as a way of understanding drawing as a graphic choreography. And day three (2 1/2 hours) will feature an application of what we have learned during the first few days to expand your access to your own visual imagination.

As a backdrop to these days, Stuart will ask questions like, how do we see what we don't know is there? Is there a right and wrong in art? Is there such a thing as good and bad and if so, what is it? Do you have the confidence to follow your own inclinations or are you more comfortable following someone else's rules? If anything, this class is oriented to offering you the tools to stand straighter on your own two feet.

Following the 3 days, on Day 5, each participant will have a 30 min Zoom conversation with Stuart, on a date and time to be established by both teacher and student, to be used in whatever way you would to discuss your work or ideas.

Materials will be simple. Pencils, black and white paper, tape, glue stick, a straight edge and something to observe, to look at, either out a window or in a room.

“Drawing is the fundamental thought engine of all visual response yet most of us do not draw in a daily way to solve problems, open doors and pursue visual curiosity. We’re devoted to an idea of painting as the path forward but in the most elemental way, painting is drawing and is guided by the choreography of drawing, which at the end of the day is feeling. I can’t teach feeling but by way of close looking and paying attention we learn to feel our way through both looking and formulating our response.” ~ Stuart Shils

No matter what style or technique you work in, Stuart Shils will bring you closer to your eyes, inviting you to develop an intimate, ongoing relationship with drawing to serve as a driving force, finely tuning your graphic intuition in which risk and improvisational imagination are part of your decision making, to locate yourself graphically in the saturation of the visual moment.  


STUART SHILS is a contemporary American landscape painter who has exhibited and taught internationally. His works toe the line between formal abstraction and fidelity to the scene he is observing. Mainly known as a plein-air painter, he has recently incorporated working from his own photographs of urban scenes. Shils studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts under Seymour Remenick and Arthur De Costa. He was the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and an Academy Award in Art from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

PROCESSING FEE: A nonrefundable $100 processing fee is included in each tuition.

ENROLLMENT CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel your enrollment, please notify the AAN Education Department 14 days prior to the class start date to receive your partial refund. 

ABSENCE: Although we are not able to prorate programming or offer make up days, prior knowledge of your absence is extremely helpful to our instructors. 

FULL REFUNDS: The AAN will issue full refunds when programming is cancelled due to low enrollments or state mandated business closure

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