Name: ADULT ONLINE: FREE Stuart Shils slideshow
Date(s): 2/1
Time: 6:00p - 8:00p
Ages Allowed: 18 - 99


Please join us on Zoom for a Slide Presentation and Discussion with Stuart Shils. This slideshow is an introduction for Shils's drawing workshop which takes place the following Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but stands alone as an interesting window into his teaching practice and Contemporary Art.

"This slide talk will be a foundational introduction to the class which is about drawing, but not drawing in a conventional way. I'm not thinking of 'drawing' as learning 'how to' copy the appearance of things, but in a much more essential way the process for addressing how to understand the larger choreography of form constantly in front of us. Paying attention is what we are after and much of what will be presented is about paying attention beyond words and beyond what we think we know. Imagine asking a question like, how do I see what I don't know is there and that is what the talk is going to explore: how to see and how to make sense of that seeing. And while this is the first chapter of the class, everyone is invited and there will not be anything obscure or academic. I'm offering it for anyone curious about expanding their own visual awareness." ~ Stuart Shils 

STUART SHILS is a contemporary American landscape painter who has exhibited and taught internationally. His works toe the line between formal abstraction and fidelity to the scene he is observing. Mainly known as a plein-air painter, he has recently incorporated working from his own photographs of urban scenes. Shils studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts under Seymour Remenick and Arthur De Costa. He was the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and an Academy Award in Art from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York. Currently Shils is represented by Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects in New York.


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